Networking for SEO

If you’ve taken the time to create and develop a website, chances are you want people to see the fruits of your labor. While pay-per-click ads are certainly an option – and a necessity if you want to boost your traffic immediately – search engine optimization is critical for your long-term success. This means using techniques to optimize the site itself so that Google and other search engines can “read” it and recognize its value for your targeted keywords. It also means networking with others in your field to share links (and exchange tips and ideas as well)!

Though of course networking is easily accomplished online through forums, blogs, and social media, there is a lot of value is stepping away from your desk and meeting up with other webmasters offline. If you are trying to promote a blog, for instance, you would benefit from attending blogger conferences. A conference will give you the chance to meet up with others in your industry, work out link trades, attend seminars, and form valuable connections that will help you in your endeavors. Trade shows for bloggers take place all over the United States, as well as overseas, so chances are, you can find some within driving distance to attend. While it may cost more than networking from behind your screen, it will be well worth it in terms of the knowledge and connections you’ll have when the conference ends.

Perhaps you feel intimidated at the thought of attending a big event. Consider joining an internet marketing meet-up group. These are smaller affairs that require only an hour or two of your time, but they will put you in touch with locals who are working to drive traffic to their sites just like you are. While walking into a massive conference hall may seem overwhelming, a meet-up is more like joining a group of friends for a few drinks. It’s casual (and affordable, too)!

No matter how you choose to network, it will take some time to start seeing results. However, if you’re steady and consistent in promoting your site, the traffic will come. And if you put yourself out there, you may be surprised to see that friendships and contacts come, too!

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